Orange tea?? huh?

The Food

Yummy Thai Orange TeaInstant Thai Tea




Sugar, Non Dairy Creamer (Glucose Syrup) Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Casseinate (from milk), Instant Thai Tea Powder 2.5%, Artificial Colour, FD & C Yellow#6. Contains Milk.

Where does it come from


How much does it cost

$6.00 or thereabouts for 12 single serve packets

Nutritional facts

35 g per single serve

Energy 150 calories

Fat Total  0.5g

Trans fat 0%

saturated 0%

Cholesterol 0 mg

Carbohydrate 31%

Dietary Fibre 0g

Sodium 0mg

Allergy Alerts

Contains milk and artificial flavours

Did I enjoy using it in my cooking?

This condiment is a beverage and only needs either cold or boiling hot water added to it. It is a flavour which is rather different to a normal cup of tea and may be too sweet for some. Because the tea is an instant variation of the tea that is made in Thailand, it is not quite the same but it does a great job in replicating the flavours of an iced tea served in plastic bags on the streets of Thailand. It is an acquired taste, sweet but rather refreshingly nice and although I have a small milk allergy I have no problems or no reactions to drinking this tea. It has a comforting flavour and great to drink hot at night as it is in the daytime in a tall long glass filled with ice cubes and even tapioca pearls which the Taiwanese do in their bubble milk tea.

Add one sachet of Dede Instant Thai tea to 200 mls of hot or cold water, serve in a tall glass with ice cubes for a cool refreshing drink or in a coffee cup for a hot tea. Enjoy! 😀

To find out more about this product check out

This is how to make Thai Tea from scratch


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